GSGS Workshop – Leadership and Teamwork

Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastructure Management (WSSIM) Study Program of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FCEE), Institute of Technology Bandung held a workshop with topic: Leadership and Teamwork. This event was held online by Zoom Video Conference on Saturday, October 24, 2021, and Sunday, October 30, 2021.

The guest speaker at this workshop were lecturers from the School of Business Management (SBM) ITB. On Sunday, October 24, 2021, two topics were presented, there are Self-Awareness by Dr. Ir. Madju Yuni Ros Bangun, M.B.A and Communication by Dr. Henndy Ginting, S. Psi., M. Si. Psikolog. Meanwhile, on Saturday, October 30, 2021, two topics were presented, there are Leadership by Achmad Ghazali, S.T., M.B. A, Ph.D and Teamwork by Aria Bayu Pangestu, S.MN., M.HRM. and Nur Arief Rahmatsyah Putranto S.T., M.HRMHons. This event was attended by 23 participants from GSGS students of ITB, ITS, and Andalas. This workshop is expected to provide knowledge and training for students to hone leadership skills and form good teamwork during learning in class and future field work.

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