GSGS Program Promotion

GSGS conducted several promotions to introduce students, especially for undergraduate students who will graduate related to the GSGS program. Not only at ITB but also several campuses in Indonesia

Coordination Meeting with Partner University

ITB as a GSGS university partner with IHE Delft invites other universities in Indonesia as ITB partners, one of them is Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) and Andalas University (UNAND). As the first university to carry out the GSGS program in Indonesia, ITB actively coordinates with the partner universities.

Internal Meeting

GSGS ITB Team regularly conduct monthly meeting to discuss the work plan, progress, obstacles, and strategies


GSGS- WSSIM ITB also delivers course materials in form of a workshop. The workshop will be held minimum once a year and invites the participants from professionals such as lecturers, students from other universities, government employers, private company employers, consultants, and other institutions

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