GSGS Graduation Ceremony

Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastructure Management held a graduation ceremony for 6 students of GSGS; Ms. Rugun Firni Sipayung, Ms. Intan Kusumayanti, Ms. Zulfa Amala, Ms. Larasati Putri Defi, Ms. Josephine Amadea, and Ms. Shella Zahrawani. GSGS Graduation Ceremony was held on 25 July 2022 collaborated with GSGS Andalas Univesity. This event was held by hybrid (zoom conference and offline at ITB Jatinangor).

The graduation celebration was attended by GSGS ITB Coordinator, the Head of the WSSIM ITB, GSGS Andalas University Coordinator, supervisory lecturers, students, and the GSGS ITB team.

The certificate of GSGS was handed to the graduates by Mr. Ahmad Soleh as the Coordinator of GSGS Program and Mr. Mochammad Chaerul as the Head of the WSSIM ITB. GSGS Trophy was given as a souvenir by Mrs. Prayatni as GSGS ITB team.

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